5 things you need to know about Ditto

So in case you haven’t heard….Ditto is here. But what do we really know about it? Let’s get to know the more “recent” Pokemon in Pokemon GO through 5 characteristics that you might want to know.

1.Its max CP reaches up to…718
2.Ditto will transform to the first enemy it will encounter in a gym and will retain this form until the end of the battle.
3.Ditto coppies the form and moves of its opponent. However its CP is being determined by its level and its ivs…..for example when a Ditto of level 30 encounters a Snorlax of level 28, it will transform in a Snorlax of Level 30 with Ditto’s ivs.
4.If you Put ditto as your buddy it will be “finding” Candy every 3 km.
5.Do not use a Ditto against another Ditto in a battle if you’re on a hurrry, this battle will last really really long…

That’s it for now….we’ll be adding more soon…


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