April Fools’ Day: The Day Pokemon GO was born

One of the things that makes this journey even more interesting is that Pokemon GO started as an April Fools’ Day joke from Google back in 2014.

Tatsuo Nomura, Product Manager of Niantic which was still part of Google back then, wanted to make a joke with Google Maps and Pokemon, so he asked The Pokemon Company (TPC) for permission. The idea was found to be interesting so he took the green light and the following joke was born:

The joke was considered to be successful, but remained that way for a while. John Hanke though, thought that it would be really nice if all this was true so he came in touch with The Pokemon Company.The CEO of The Pokemon Company was a big fan of Ingress, Niantic’s first game….and the Pokemon GO journey started somewhere here.

This is such an important day for the creators of Pokemon GO. Will we see anything happening in-game?




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