Christmas Event Details Leaked (Taiwan Play Store)

Presented HERE by user kk5566 there seems to be an advert on Taiwan’s Play store revealing part of the Christmas Event, which expected to be announced, at least by tomorrow.

According to the above mentioned user who did the translation there are these three notes following the ad:

  1. Special sale boxes include incubator and new item “starpiece” .
  2. Catch more than 10 kinds new Pokemons from Hoenn region.
  3. Discover the present-delivering Pokemon Delibird and a special festival Pikachu.

Well Santachu is coming back along with delibird and 10 (at least) new Hoenn Pokemon. Star Piece as we found in our data mine earlier this month will be  a new Item that doubles the Stardust for 30 Minutes.

We are pretty sure the above mentioned features of the event are just part of it and we expect a much more giving event to be announced…

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