Data Mine 0.59.1: Icons for Shiny Pokemon added, Passcodes and possibly Rewards for Capture

The new update has arrived and the most important thing it brought was more activity towards Shiny Pokemon. Inside the apk we were able to locate the Indicators that will be used next to our little buddies when they will be considered as Shinies. Take a look:


Unown Indicators has been added as well. People with Unown might be seing them already(do not own one yet ) :



From the code datamine we will say that there is not much actually. There is definetely some sort of Reedemable Awards using…Passcodes.

Rewards Possibly coming for Capturing Pokemon and also rewards based on something that has to do with our Avatars.

There is definetely some coding towards Candy. “Save your Candy” might be a thing after all and not just talk.

We are not done yet….this post is live updated….



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