Data Mine: Smeargle and Delibird are not in The Game Yet (Legendaries too)

Hello Everyone, we did our digging again and we have the list of Pokemon from Gen II that you won’t be able to find out there yet. We believe there will be a Ditto thing with Delibird and Smeargle…and we will have to wait more for the Legendaries.

The info was received once again by requesting models on Server. Niantic has uploaded all models from Gen II now but has not yet delivered Delibird, Smeargle and the Legendaries.

Here is the list that does not answer our requests:

225: Delibird

235: Smeargle





250:Ho oH



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  • ShugoTakahashi

    Would you mind instructing me how to request assets from their server? I simply want the new set of Pokemon icons for personal use, but nobody has ripped them or shared how.

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