Holiday Shop is Coming – Data Mining 0.51.0

Holiday Shop is coming to Pokemon GO as we have discovered!!
You can see below the menu button that will be added during the Holidays Possibly and the  gift boxes that have been found inside the new Update!!


More that we discovered:

Apple watch support has been added to the new update. Great new for Iphone users out there!!

Well we knew that…this is how it is going to happen. They adjust better Day and Night.

They seem to seperate day from night!!! (Eevee?..we have already told you that they have uploaded the new Eevee Models but they are not yet available! Maybe the time has arrived?)

There is definetely a Holiday Shop Coming to Pokemon GO and they have even prepared a “Sales” segment as well!! Inside the code we found also words like “Gloves” and “Socks” as well as Avatar Customization options.

That’s it for now… stay tuned for more!!


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