Data Mine 0.61.0: Night and Day phases, Inbox messages and more ahead

Hello Trainers,
e have just finished our usual data mine procedure and although the news are limited there are some notable observations.

1. Better graphics are coming incorporating better day and night phases depending on local time.

2. Lots of coding directed to geolocation. The last known location of a user is also mentioned. Possible new measures against spoofers.

3.Lots of commands for events. These does not seem to be the events we are having now. Seems like a new kind of event so we might be getting closer to a Legendary event. (Still does not seem we are that close yet)

4. Guard Pokemon and Buddy Character. Both these are mentioned in the code. Start guessing what these might be.

5.Pokemon Animations are being tested to become better. There are tests for speed,jumping and landing of pokemon, attacks, pokemon eating and reacting.

6.Inbox. Seems like a type of messaging will be implemented in our app. There is coding for the notification we’ll be receiving and the categories are:


7. Well that is some intresting code here: ScreenToWorldPoint and get_area, get_visible. We have no idea what is being worked here. Taking peeks to the Pokemon GO world from were you are? Possibly no….but that would be intresting and a fun way to make you open the app while at home.

The Loading screen has changed as well… and that is pretty much it…

More to come…



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  • javo

    As far as I know, Pokemon GO is programmed in Unity engine. ScreenToWorldPoint is a Unity built-in function that translates a 2D point in screen to a 3D point in world’s game. get_area and get_visible might be GameObject’s methods or properties to get… well… what they actually say. So it means nothing more than that: very usual Unity coding.

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