Data Mining 0.67.1: Lugia Badge, Pokemon Groups and more

As every time, today we Data Mined what Niantic is hiding from plain sight!! Here’s what we discovered:

1.Preorganized Pokemon Group for Entering Battles

The Term Battle Teams seems to appear now in code. While we suggest keeping low expectations, it seems like Niantic is preparing a feature that will allow users to prepare their teams of Pokemon and have them ready to be reused in battling without scrolling and searching.

This is feautured asked by tons of members many times.

2. Limit on Pokemon a user can have in Gyms.

There seems to be some kind of coding on how many Pokemon we will allow to leave at Gyms.

3. Legendary Battles

It is clear that Legendary Battles are closer than ever. There are even items now that include a Legendary Raid Ticket and a badge for ‘Legendary Battles Won’

It seems that Legendary Pokemon will be met in Raid Battles, and you will need a the special ‘Legendary Raid Ticket’ item in order to participate. It looks like though you won’t have the chance to live one in a gym for defense after you have captured it. You can see below the Legendary Raid Battle Egg. If you see it on a Gym ….run for it!!


Aw! and the Legendary Bagdge:


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