Data Mining 0.69.0: Legendary events, Exclusive Raids and QR Codes

As every time…we data mined:

Legendary Events and Legendary Raid Pass

Legendary Pokemon will be available through Raid Battles. With this update they can actually release it t any moment. Inside this update there is hidden, the Legendary Raid Pass, and more photos indicating that the moment has come( GO Fest ?).



Legendary and…. Mythic Pokémon

Niantic clearly distinguishes Legendary Pokemon  from Mythic ones.

Secret and Exclusive Raids.

For some reason there is an option for Hidden and Exclusive Raids. Seems though you will need and “Exclusive Raid Ticket” to enter them!!


QR Codes for Events

Niantic is clearly trying to use QR codes to register the users that will attend the events. From now on Pokemon GO supports QR codes.

Special Badge for GO Fest

This is the badge every attender will get:


GO Fest is almost here!!


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