Data Mining: Ditto is Coming, Thanksgiving event and… Shiny Pokemon(?)

Although today’s update seemed like it brought only few(to none) changes, data miners from the SilphRoad have brough us some new details on what is coming underneath.


1. Ditto is Coming
New code has been added about Ditto which from now on is considered ‘encounterable’ and ‘catchable’. As they mention it is not clear , nor can they know if the trigger has been pulled …for what they know is Ditto could be found at any time…even now!!!! They also cannot be sure if he will appear in the form of Ditto!!
Ditto Sounds have been added.
Ditto Background has been added,
A Little Sptlight as well might indicating the appearence on ditto on-map.
It will be able to be used in battle.

Ditto might ALREADY be available in-game…..start looking…


2. Weird – Thanksgiving – Sponsors

The known Sponsors in the game right now are MCDONALDS, POKEMON_STORE, TOHO,SOFTBANK, και GLOBE.

Today, three more were found:

They do look like they have something to do with the Thanksgiving Event we are waiting and exactly sponsors. Might be used as special pokestop names or pictures on disks in various regions. No more info at the momment.

3. Tracker Changes

New code has been found and shows that in the new Tracker (Currently available in only some regions of the world) Sightings will completely get hidden once a minimum number of Pokemon are availble in the Nearby.

4. Words Shiny and Rare found

While data miners are extra careful with this one they are giving us an insight of what they have founs. Words Shiny and Rare were found inside the code. There is one brand new – more enthousiastic- sound that is assigned on when capturing an RARE pokemon.
There is also enough code manipulating materials of pokemon. With materials they mean settings that have to do with the appearence….color…tint…light etc etc,
In other words we might(!) see Shiny Pokemon and for those not familiar…Shiny Pokemon are pokemon differing from its kind in color and are considered extremely rare(e.g a red Gyarados)


5. Small Combat Changes.

A bunch of code regarding combat has been found which cannot be easily explainable as of now and it maybe indicating future changes in the combat system…

Pretty much everything….look out…Ditto might be just arround the corner!!!


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