David Hollin: Spend Your Candy – Events Coming – Trading and PVP in the Longterm

In an interview with A to J Plays, David Hollin, Technical Artist and Designer at Niantic, gave us a little info about the future of Pokemon GO and clarified what he meant when he advised to “Save Your Candy”.

You can check the interview in the video following, but for those who just want the heads up here it goes:


  • David Hollin is a player himself and his current Pokemon Buddy is Kabuto.
  • The server issues where a nigtmare at first cause of the explosive amount of traffic
  • They are trying to “please” the commited player base but try to bring back casual players as well.
  • He is a fan of the Pokemon Franchise and grew up playing Pokemon Himself.
  • The original concept of Pokemon Gaming could not maintain the MMO nature of Pokemon GO, thus they had an alternate approach.
  • Niantic and The Pokemon Company have very close relations.
    Very big event coming soon(when asked if there will be more events like the Santachu Event
  • No Comment on Legendaries….they have not forgotten them. It’s gonna be awesome
  • Save Your Candy comment was misconcieved by players. It was directed at new players.
    They read subreddits although they can be toxic at times.
  • He prefers adding new feautures instead of new Pokemon at the momment.
  • New Features: Usual Events tide to calendar. Trading and PVP in the longterm
  • Closing Message: Spend your Candy

Check the interview here for couple of more Comments:


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