Pokemon GO December Update Confirmed – Starbucks Leak

Seems like the rumors circulating a Pokemon GO – Starbucks collaboration areactually true. Redditor has just leaked an inside Starbucks pdf giving details to fellow Baristas on an upcoming “expansion”!!

According to this pdf file a collaboration with Starbucks will be happening on December 8 turning every Starbucks in US to a Pokestop or Gym. This, according the source file, will lead more customers inside Starbucks where baristas will try to convince them on having the brand new Pokemon GO Frappuccino.

Reminding you that the first leak from Starbucks mentioned a release called Pokeman(?) Version 2, which many connected with the Second Generation names found in the code recently.

Check the leaked pdf file for more details and read carefully!!starbucks

Now Look at the very first sentence: “The world of Pokemon GO is about to expand with new Pokemon and a new Starbucks beverage”.
Ok! Let’s just put the beverage aside for one minute. Is the second generation coming on the 8th of December? And since we always question the sources we managed to find  redditors working at Starbucks to confirm it!! You will see below the second and the third page with the recipe for Pokemon GO Frappucino and more details given to employees that were posted on the /r/TheSilphRoad subreddit.

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It is Real People…Pokemon GO and Starbucks will be bringing at least new pokestops and Gyms….but maybe…just maybe…Generation 2 as well!!!


Will we be getting Second Generation through a Christmas Event?


UPDATE: First image clean screenshotstarbuck-pokemongo


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