Wild Pokemon IVS are now Random and Dependent to a User’s Level

The Eggstravaganza Event might be over, but Niantic held one special surprise for the end.

If you enjoy playing Pokemon GO with your friends, you sure have noticed that when you were catching the same Pokemon , the appraisal was the same. Meaning the Pokemon you just caught had the same IVS for all of you. The only thing that varied was the CP and only if your accounts were at a different level and less than than level 30.

Well… that’s old news now!! From now on CP,IVs and even the Moveset of a wild Pokemon are determined based on the Level of the User. So, the same Pidgey, at the same point, the exact same time has different, cp, ivs and moveset based on a user’s level.

What is Niantic trying to achieve?

1.Gameplay: With the introduction of this change Niantic hopes to make Pokemon Unique to each user. You can see they wanted to do that from the Shiny Pokemon Release. In a Pokemon World it’s kind of weird catching the same Wild Pokemon with everyone else in the area.
2.Live Maps: Well that was a very big hit for these kind of maps. Live Maps usually use level 1 to 5 (at best a little higher) to scan an area and give you the Pokemon’s IVs and Moveset. These info now will be completely useless given the fact that the result displayed is the one on the level of the scanner account.
3.Spoofing: One thing leads to another, spoofers will have to spoof less now…since that 100% Charmander right there is not for your level…or is it? Spoofers will have to get more solid info on good mons before they use their tleport skills. Sure it’s not the most effective hot against spoofing but hey…it’s something…plus this:





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