Documentary On Pokemon GO

“How Pokemon GO Changed The World” is the title of an upcoming 60-minute Documentary that will air on December 19 in Japan and later on January will be heading to Europe.

The documentary will deploy the times of the app that started as an April fool’s day joke and ended changing the world of games. It explores also the affect it had on the world in a good and bad perspective. From exploration through exercise to serious accidents.

Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 600 million times.

At the Asia TV Forum & Market and ScreenSingapore at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre yesterday, Mr Takayuki Hayakawa, director of worldwide production and sales at Japan’s Fuji Television Network and ┬áproducer of the documentary, stated: “Being able to do without huge initial investment is a tremendously important thing. Whether you are talking about venture start-ups, non-profits, civic action or the overthrow of dictators, it all comes from diminishing the cost of collaboration and diminishing the cost of innovation.

Hayakawa describes Niantic’s office as “very cosy because it’s just a start-up, not fancy like the Google or Facebook-type of office”.

John Hanke,founder ams CEO at Niantic, explains in the documentary theor main goal to motivate people to go out and explore their city.



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