How to effectively Dodge in Pokemon GO

Fans of  Pokemon Go in  Gamepress have recorded the best time to dodge the opponent’s Special(2nd) Attack.For what it worths…there seem to be a “flash(yellow) screen” to indicate that this is the time to dodge..
ATTENTION: Dodging does not mean you do not get hurt. You take 25% of the damage a direct hit would give you. 

How to:
1.Identifying when the opponent Pokemon is about to make its special move. You can get a clue either because it suddenly stop hitting you with its Quick(first) Move for a while ..or because it is written on the screen right before it start. (e.g Arcanine is using Flamethrower)

2. Right after 1.  Occurs we stop pressing the screen to attack and we try to focus on the screen

3.Once the “flash screen” appears we have less than a second to swipe left or right to dodge.


Check these examples in Slow motion:


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