Evolution Items: What are they, where to find them and how to use them

One of the most essential parts of the Game that was added with the addition of Generation 2 is Evolution Items. Below we will answer all your question about them.

The Items:

Right now there are 5 evolution items in-game:

Dragon Scale

Metal Coat

Sun Stone


King’s Rock

Where to find them?

Finding an item won’t be easy. Although they are being given by Pokestops you will need to spin a lot of them in  order to find one as they are kind of rare. Finding one of them will be really hard so keep spinning.

Which Pokemon do they Evolve?

Dragon Scale: Use it on a Seadra to Evolve it into Kingdra. You will also need 100 Horsea Candy.

Metal Coat: Use it on an Onix to evolve it to Steelix or on a Scyther to evolve it to Scizor. For both of these cases you will also need 50 Candy for each type.

Sun Stone: Use it on a Gloom to evolve it into Bellossom or a Sunkern to evolve it into a Sunflora. You will also need 100 Oddish Candy or 50 Sunkern Candy respectively.

Upgrade: Use it on a Porygon to evelve it to Porygon 2. You will also need 50 Porygon Candy.

King’s Rock: Use it on a Slowpoke to evolve it into Slowking or on a Poliwhirl to evolve it into Politoed. You will also need 50 Slowpoke Candy or 100 Poliwag Candy respectively.

Each item can be used ONCE on one Pokemon

Best of luck on finding all of them…you’ll need it


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