How to evolve Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon (Name Trick)

Eevee is possibly the most unique Pokemon of all , and that is because while it is a Normal type Pokemon, its Evolution may be one of the rest types. Generation II has already been Released in Pokemon GO and many people are trying to evolve their Eevee into Espeon(Psychic) or Umbreon(Dark)



Well as with the first generation their is a name trick that you can do on your Eevee to turn it to the Pokemon you like. So if you change your Eevee’s name BEFORE you evolve it to the one that follows your Eevee will take the form you wish.

For Espeon use the name Sakura
For Umbreon use the name Tamao


(Reminding:Rainer for Vaporeon, Sparky for Jolteon, Pyro for Flareon)

*In order to change a Pokemon’s name you just open it’s card and tap on their name.
** This trick applies only ONCE per name, meaning that if you use the name Sakura on an Eevee, it will turn into an Espeon…if you try it again though it won’t work.
***After changing the name and Before evolving,restart the app to ensure the result!!


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