First EX Raid Battles invitations have been handled

The first EX Raid Battles battles invitation have been handled according to reddit users and they will take place in the US. First invitations are part of the field testing. The first invitation that became known is for an EX Raid at Bellevue, while the second is for San Fransisxo. The user that received the invitation helped us with understanding some of the invitation qualifications.

An invitation looks like this:


As you can see in the invitation, the date, hours and the name of the Gyms are shown along with an option to get direction to the gym.

The invitation appears in journal and in the Gym’s badge:



Additional info:

  • The user played a Raid Battle in that Gym the previous day.
  • Invitation had a scheduled raid for 48 hours after the reception.
  • User had never layed in that Gym before, so one time is enough to get you qualified.
  • He battled a Raikou.
  • The Invitation just pops while playing. You can click the Pass in your bag to get reminded on the info(hour,location etc).
  • As extra info the user stated he is Level 29(doesn’t seem to be a limit atm) and has participated in a total of 40 Raids(Legendary or not)

Waiting for your Invitation?


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