Fastpokemap: UP again…with troubles

The only map that promised its comeback is back up and running today…or almost running since scans are being served at 10% according to its developer. is although the only live map working as this moment, basically because its developer (known as Waryas) was the only one still intrested in reversing Nianti’s api. As we have mentioned  earlier, Waryas has also been positive on sharing the results of the process with other various apps for Pokemon GO.

He thought today was the day of a full comeback although he forgot another measure takenb by Niantic recently. The speed limit!! For those unfamiliar, when someone goes with more than 50km/h Pokemon are no longer available to be seen neither in the sightings tab, neither in the wild in general.That has affected FPM code.
Waryas already has announced two possible solutions for this with one of them possibly implemented today. The second, and most difficult, one will taketime. For those of you using these trackers you will need to be patient a little more and be glad you still got that 10% functionality.


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