Feebas Walk Distance to Evolve into Milotic

Although it is not still here, it has it’s own way of evolving. Feebas or the…”Gen 3 Magikarp” has a very unique way of evolving according to Niantic’s newly updated support page. There is one line that gives away the way Feebas will be evolved into Milotic:

“…In addition to collecting Candy, select Pokémon, like Feebass, need to be walked as your buddy Pokémon before they are ready to be evolved.”

According to the above statement and the Game Master File we have we can say that in order to Evolve Feebas to Milotic you will need walk with it for 20Km and of course have 100 Candy.



There were more… according to the same page Cramperl has its own Evolution Items!!





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