First Look on The New Pokemon GO Mechanics

From the press release we have some images to work on..and better understand the future part of the announcement made earlier:

As we can see from the following image, not much have changed in the Pokemon Cards apart from the evolution Button in which an image of the evolved form of the Pokemon we are looking will be added:

Encounter Screen has changed a little bit as well. As you see above, two buttons were added on the right and left of the Pokeball. As you probably guessed those two buttons will make it easier for us to choose between Pokeballs and Berries:

Such an example you can see in the Following Image. If you click the Berry, a berry menu will pop up containing all the Beries you own. From there we will be able to choose the Berry we want to throw to the Pokemon.


If you look closely the above image you will see that there is the shop button on top of the carousel containing the berries( probably to the Pokeball menu as well) that will possibly provide us the option to directly buy the item that we do not have.


That’s it for now….



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