Pokemon Gen 2 Models from XY – See what is Coming to Pokemon GO…

We recently learned that Gen 2 might be heading to Pokemon GO sooner than we thought. And although our favorite little Pokemon are already in the code of the latest release, we still have no info on them. Well, while we wait let’s have a look on how our soon-to-be buddys will look like in Pokemon GO.

It is known that the base that Niantic uses to create Pokemon are from 3ds games like Pokemon XY. In Fact Gen 1 was almost identical.

Having that as a thought, we were able to find some Gen 2 Models from XY and we present them to you here. Pokemon GO will actually be almost exactly like them!! Take A Look on some of them:



poktv1 poktv2 poktv3 poktv5poktv4


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