Update 0.71.0 Data Mine: Gen 3 on the way.

Dear Trainers, news today are different and quite sudden. Not only did Niantic sent an update with no announcement, but inside this update 135 new Pokemon names were put. As you have guessed by now …it’s GEN 3

While we have to remain calm at this point, since the new generation has still some months before an actual release, we cannot bypass the fact that we now have an approximate timeframe. Let’s not forget that the second Gen names were placed in November and the Generation got a release in February. That being said we expect the new generation around November for a great winter of Pokemon GO.

Some extras from this update:

Incubator change…

A new “Super Incubator” is on the way as well, There were also fixes in bugs and more coding on Exclusive Raid Battles.

That’s all….




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