How to Get Hitmontop when evolving Tyrogue (Confirmed)

There were many reports on this subject given on  and about people evolving Hitmontop from Tyrogue. The most of them seemed vague and rushed although there was one theory that stood better than the rest and that is because it was being confirmed day by day by many more people.

That theory said that when your Tyrogue has HP(Stamina) as its best IV then it will evolve into Hitmontop. Although as you understand it takes time to confirm, people from all over the world replied saying that they in fact got Hitmontop Out of a Tyrogue with HP as its best value.

Although we couldn’t post it until we checked it ourselves.And we did. We found Three Tyrogues from 5 km Eggs. All of them had HP as their highest IV and ALL of them Evolved to Hitmontop.

So to sum it up and make some notes:

-In order for a Tyrogue to evolve into a Hitmontop, his HP has to be its best value.
-HP should be the ONLY higher value in the appraisal A tie with ..let’s say attack would not guarantee the result.
-Hitmontop can be found in the wild with HP not being it’s best value. The value counts ONLY when you evolve from Tyrogue.
-The research is on going, but had 3 out of 3 successes in our personal experience. (+ many many more on reddit)


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