Niantic: Upcoming Halloween Event?

A post on the official Pokemon Go facebook page has created much anticipation among fans of Pokemon GO, who have fallen lately to a wall of constant waiting for new features.

The Announcement:
“With Halloween around the corner, we anticipate Trainers may encounter more Pokémon in the real world. The AR camera is a great way to capture and share these encounters with your friends!”

As you can see below..along with this statement comes also a photo showing a Haunter, a Ghost Type Pokemon, and the first theories saying that Ghost type Pokemon migh increase during Halloween. Others though still believe that Niantic is looking ways to increase the communication with its audience through useless posts.



The Truth is that it wouldn’t be so bad encountering more Ghastly out there…That Gengar seems like a dream for most trainers….and what better day to catch some ghost pokemon other than Halloween?

Trick or Treat?




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