Hanke at MWC : Three Major Updates for Pokemon GO in 2017

John Hanke, founder and CEO at Niantic, was invited as a guest speaker at the Mobile World Congress. Most of the things mentioned in his speech are already known from previous interviews.Among those he mentioned that Pokemon GO wants to be an alternative more “live” social network and that the idea was to be focused on exploration and exercise. He also mentioned Ingress as the start of this journey and that they’re working on future PokemonGO-like games.

At his first comment on the second generation release, he mentioned that this was the first Major Update with three more to come during 2017. This is the first time we get some kind of a timeframe and let me remind you here of a previous interview where among other things he expressed his desire for Worldwide Events in 2017.


He also talked about wearables and how they try to integrate Pokemon GO with the ones already available and those to come(google glasses etc). He also mentioned that they are trying to make Pokemon GO better and with less battery consumption.

More news to come….


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