Ditto Found – How To Capture it too!!(+Videos)

The much anticipated Thanksgivings Event is here. As we already talked this event will be available until November 30 and will give you double ammount of Stardust and XP. Thanksgivings Event though has brought another surprise(not so much)…Ditto
Ο Ditto, as expected, does not appear in its form on map or on Nearby/Sightings Tab. It is making appearences pretended to be another Pokemon which ,once captured, tranforms back into Ditto. Check this video of Ditto being Captured:


Also from the time you capture it you will be able to use it in Battle. He takes the form and moveset of its opponents(and a respective CP – not the same though):

As you can see in the first Video. Pokemon Like Pidgeys are among the forms Ditto likes to appear.

Pokemon that have been seen as Ditto more often at the momment are Pidgey, Ratata , Zubat and Magikarp.



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