John Hanke on PvP Battles, Trading and more to come in Pokemon GO

In a recent interview John Hanke, Ceo of Niantic gave the tune of what is coming next for Pokemon GO. He also took another trip back to the summer of 2016 and the rise of Pokemon GO.

The Past:

“It’s sort of like when the big studio picks the indie director, you know, to do the next Avengers movie or something, and, of course, you feel lucky.It became clear to us that this was a really precious thing. We came to realize, too, what a rare opportunity we’d been afforded.” — Niantic CEO John Hanke. He, also explains how the AR approach was a so fresh that The Pokemon Company agreed to give them the green light.

He also acknowledges the opportunity they were given to work with Nintendo, a company that as he quotes ” is sort of the birthplace in a lot of ways for modern video games, so for us that association was just, wow.”

From that point he(once again) gave us a look on the nigtmare they went through in the summer of 2016 and although every feature was not ready, he believes that releasing it at that point was “probably the right thing to do”

The Future:

“It has far surpassed our expectations in just turning everybody onto the potential for games that break out of the screen,” he says. “But the priority for Pokémon Go now is to build in those things that reward co-operative gameplay, and make experiences available that offer more depth than just the capturing mechanic.”

Abou the Tracker he said that it “…sort of fills a certain need within the product. I think the more interesting thing for me is not extending the tracker, but basically making the world richer and adding more ways to interact with new kinds of things in the world.”


Hanke expresses his will for Global Events during 2017, while he cannot hide his admiration on the spontaneous, user-created events that toom place the past months.  “My heart is really with events, and that’s something I want us to solve in 2017. It’s complicated, though, to do them at the scale that Pokémon Go demands.”

As for what we should be expecting (no dates included) on the future of Pokemon GO:
“Monster trading and player-versus-player battles are on the way”, says Hanke, who adds that if the servers hadn’t been so sketchy at launch, at least one of them would already be out there. He also comments on a new  gym battle system, supplementing what he feels is a “rudimentary” version of the game they envisioned.


Read the full interview here.


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