Mewtwo: What we learned from the first EX Raid Battles

Although first reports indicated that the US will have the first EX Raid Battle, Japan seems to be the one holding the title since the first EX Raid Battle took place there a while ago. As expected from the sparse announcements by Niantic, Mewtwo is the first EX Raid Boss.

What we were taught by the first EX Raid Battes:

  • Mewtwo ir relatively east to beat. 7 Trainers semmed to have no problem in defeating it.
  • Premier Balls given at the end are the same as of a normal Raid Battle.
  • The fact that an EX Raid Battle is Exclusive does not mean that Mewtow is given to you. You will have to catch it!!
  • In in-game map Exclusive Raid Battles are distinguished because they have different graphics. Black Timer, and a Lugia Icon(instead of Rhydon).
  • Mewtwo’s Catch Rate is a little higher than the one of Birds and Beasts…close to 6%. The greater catch rate seems to be cause of the less Exclusive Raids we will participate (in contrast with simple Raid Battles) .

Some images from the first EX Raid of Pokemon GO:


The EX Raid Battles are still in field testing…we’ll update you with more news soon.



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