Niantic : Πρώτη επίσημη απάντηση για τον tracker.

With Winter Just arround the corner in many countries, users are trying to worry about the future of Pokemon GO, because as enough mention it will be impossible to “wander arround in cold aimlessly”. With that inb mind Niantic was asked again about the future of the tracker, with the fact that all third party maps that used to be an alternative has been shut down.

Niantic gave an answer through a spokesperson:

“Niantic is still testing a new type of tracking that’s geo-locked to San Francisco. At this moment, there is no estimated timeline to potentially rolling it out wider.”

With that simple statement Niantic gave a little answer to one of the major problems in the game right now, shreding the hopes who anticipated the tracker soon. We have presented the tracker that is being tested in San Fransiscon here.


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