Niantic: New Cooperative Social Gameplay in Spring

Niantic took a momment to thank earlier all of the players out there for making Pokemon GO a Success. The post came after Pokemon GO won Best Mobile Award on  the BAFTA Game Awards. Although the post which is titled “Thank You” mostly acknowledges the power players bring to the game…Niantic is announcing that a new form of cooperative gameplay will be heading our way in Spring.

The Announcement:

“It’s been another incredible week for Pokémon GO.

Yesterday, Pokémon GO won the Best Mobile and Handheld Game at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts Game Awards. We are surprised and grateful to be awarded this honor.

We owe the continued momentum and recognition to the dedicated players exploring the world and creating adventures together in Pokémon GO. Each and every award Pokémon GO has won is a testament to the game’s awesome and supportive community. We haven’t had a chance to thank everyone for each of these, so please accept a collective thank you now on behalf of all of us at Niantic and our partners at The Pokémon Company for all of these amazing honors including, but not limited to:

  • Adweek’s Hot List – Hottest Digital Obsession & Hottest Mobile Game
  • Academy of Arts and Science’s D.I.C.E. Awards – Mobile Game of the Year
  • BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards – Best Game
  • GameSpot – Best Mobile Games of the Year
  • Golden Joystick Awards – Innovation of the Year & Handheld/Mobile Game of the Year
  • GSMA Glomo Awards 2017 – Best Overall Mobile App
  • IGN – Mobile Game of the Year
  • SXSW Gaming Awards – Mobile Game of the Year
  • TechCrunch’s Crunchies – Best App of the Year
  • The Game Awards – Best Mobile/Handheld Game & Best Family Game
  • The Game Developers Choice Awards – Best Mobile/Handheld Game

We continue to be inspired by the passion of the 65+ million people from around the world playing Pokémon GO each month. We’re still at the beginning of the journey and there’s a lot more to come. With spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, players can look forward to all new cooperative social gameplay experiences in Pokémon GO that will give Trainers new and exciting reasons to get back into the sunshine.

See you outside!”

At this point let us remind you that we, in fact, were waiting something will come towards this as it was also announced by Hanke himself earlier. Now we have though a definite timeline of when, approximately, it will come.

Stay tuned for more…


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