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Shiny Mawile Spotted from Raid Battle

Hello again, according to SilphRoad’s Subreddit Mawile which is a Tier 2 Raid Boss can be shiny. We have not confirmed yet if Mawil can be spot in the wild. As we said Earlier Shiny...

Shiny Absol Spotted From Raid Battle

According to SilphRoad’s Subreddit Absol which is a Tier 4 Raid Boss can be shiny. We have not confirmed yet if Absol can be spot in the wild. Shiny Absol looks like this:   Share...

Gen 3 Raid Boss Pokemon

Hello again trainers according to the community there are two new available Raid Bosses that came with the Gen 3 Release. These are: ABSOL – Tier 4 MAWILE – Tier 2     Share This:

Available Gen 3 Pokemon

As of earlier today Gen 3 has arrived in Pokemon GO. If you want to know which Pokemon from Gen 3 is Available in Pokemon GO here is a list:     # Sprite Pokémon...

Data Mine 0.85.1 : Weather and Star Pieces

Hello Trainers, We have made our own data mine for you. As expected there are major changes coming with the most obvious one being the “Weather Conditions”. There are tons of coding lines regarding this...

Weather in Pokemon GO

There is a video already released showing how the new Wether feature will look like in Pokemon GO. Check it out: Fresh Air right? Share This:

Gen 3 Appears on the Apple Watch Store

Well it seems like an ad that is a little …out of place…but well it gives an inside on what is coming. Taken from R/PokemonGO  below you can see an ad that appeared in the...

Ho-Oh Raids will be extended

Ho-Oh Raids will be extended

According to this Niantic plans on extending the deadline for Ho-Oh Raids due to the recent bugs and problems. Here is the full answer a user received from them. Share This: