Perfect Pokeball Throw: Making sure you Catch that Pokemon

This is a very common question among you so we decided to make a big analysis on it based on what we learn from our experience and your!! Can i increase the odds of catching a pomemon?…the answer of course is YES, YOU CAN!

If a Pokemon has a very high CP or low catch rate or you just want it so badly, then you better do the following with your pokeball once you encouter it!!

Note that aside from the three steps below we never forget that before every throw we use a berry and we pick the best ball we might have(Great-Ultra).

1.Practice on  Curveball.
The Pokemon we encounter more frequently(pidgey,ratata) are the best to practice our Curveball. The easiest way to achieve a Curveball is by pressing the Pokeball on-screen and before throwing try to “whirl” it on screen two or three times until you see a glow arround it.When it starts glowing it is ready to through. Throw it from the left or right side of the screen. You will get used to it after a few throws.

2.Throw the Pokeball when the Circle gets Smaller!!
The smaller the circle the easier the Catch.

3. Try to throw the Pokeball Inside the Circle.
In accordance with No 2. When the Pokeball gets ANYWHERE INSIDE the circle we increase our odds of catching the pokemon as we gain even more bonus. We we touch or we are inside the circle our throw is considered, as you might have noticed..”Nice”, “Great” or “Excellent”. The higher bonus we can get depends on 2 – how small the circle will be. We get Excellent when the throw is inside the circle and the circle is really small!!
Συνδυάζεται με το 2. Όταν η Pokeball πέσει ΟΠΟΥΔΗΠΟΤΕ ΜΕΣΑ στον κύκλο αυξάνουμε την πιθανότητα να πιάσουμε το Pokemon καθώς κερδίζουμε ένα ακόμα bonus. Όταν ακουμπάμε ή είμαστε εντός κύκλου η ρίψη μας θεωρείται, όπως θα έχετε προσέξει, Nice…Great ή Excellent. Το πιο bonus από αυτά θα πάρουμε εξαρτάται από το 2, δηλαδή το πόσο μικρός είναι ο κύκλος. Αν η ρίψη είναι εντός κύκλου και αυτός είναι πολύ μικρός τότε παίρνουμε το Excellent.

Each of the above advise gets as closer to a Perfect throw and increase our odds of capturing a Pokemon we want. If you succeed 1, 2 and 3 you have managed the Perfect Throw.



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