Pokemon Generations: Η Νέα web σειρά μίνι επεισοδίων που θα σου θυμίσει τις γενιές των Pokemon (Δείτε τα πρώτα τέσσερα επεισόδια)

A few days ago a new web series of mini episodes that were created in order for us to revisit all those places and generations of Pokemon that passed. Fron Kanto where it all started  to Kalos of Pokemon X and Y this is one more chance for you to learn or remember everything through a tottlly different prespective
Episodes will be weekly released and they do exceed the limit of 5 minutes, while the series will be completed at 23th of December….Rumour has it though that more surprises will follow escapecially after the Success of Pokemon Go and the release of Sun and Moon that brought again in 2016 the Pokemon madness

Here are the first 4 episodes:





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