Pokemon GO Fest: Everything that went wrong

Chicago’s Pokemon GO Fest is the first live event of Pokemon GO and theoretically the most important one till today. The mood was even from people that was not there, since we had a purpose outside. The mood though is not enough for a good event. Technical difficulties inside the park and with the live streaming of the Fest was what it needed for it to fail…big time.

The even started of full of passion, but it was quickly understood(even for us who were watching) that something was completely wrong inside the park. When John Hanke took the stage to say two words at the start of the event, the boohoos were that many that were leaving no doubt that something had occurred. We quickly realized that many users were unable to login and play.

The first Challenge was probably the only that seemed to work for a while. According to what was seen in screens most Pokemon caught were of Water type….thus an XP bonus!!

Unfortunately, everyone that was taking the stage to talk afterwards, even the guest youtubers, came face to face with an angry crowd that was yelling “Fix the Servers”,”We can’t play” and other relative stuff. The broadcast was usually off and it seemed at times on purpose so we won’t here the angry crowd. At some point a representative came to apology and explained the three issues that prevented people from playing. Two were cause by Niantic and one from a provider. He explained that they are trying to do whatver they can to resolve the issues and that he hopes that everyone will get an Unown  and Heracross.

The situation got worse afterwards. The second challenge, was not even announced and the live stream was cut completely. Later info occured, that Niantic was announcing inside the park that refunds will be handed to everyone attending the Event with 100$ worth of Pokecoins and a refund for their tickers. The info was confirmed moments later by Niantic’s Representative. Same Representative took the stage again ten minutes later and announced an increased radius(2 miles) of spawning surrounding the park until Monday. They were trying to get people outside the park so they get better internet.

The third Challenge was at least… announced. Niantic also stated that we were on the “Silver” medal for the bonuses. Momments before the third challenge expired the representative came once more on stage and gave more advice to help more people login and play

The results were announced by the host who almost got a bottle in her head( oh yes! that happened too). She announced that all bonuses were unlocked and that everyone in the park will get a Lugia in their account. Rest of us we’ll be seeing Lugia soon in Raids.

And just like that the Mystery Challenge became a…Gift… as it never happened. We assume that if everything went wele Lugia would appear on the special Gym of the Park. Instead of that and with fear that people would not be able to battle it they decided to just gift it to everyone that attended.


Let’s hope the next Live Event will be better organized…






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