Pokemon GO to be Released on Windows Phone (?)


Hello Trainers,

We did our digging again and we believe that we have found a clue towards a Windows Phone Pokemon GO release that might be released in (let’s hope) 2017. The assumption we did is based on folders Niantic uses to store the data for Pokemon GO and responses we get when we try to access them. It is solely based on our research so it could mean nothing as well. It could mean a possible release on windows phone.  Let’s start explaining this to you step by step!!!

As may of you already know(…or not) the model of let’s say Bulbasaur is stored under the url “https://storage.googleapis.com/cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/android/” .

The model is actually stored here: https://storage.googleapis.com/cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/android/pm0001

If you click on that link you will be redirected to a page that exists…but you are not authorized to see it!! The message says: “Anonymous users does not have storage.objects.get access to object cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/android/pm0001.”

You will see that if you any other model that does not exist or something that does not exist inside the url you will get a different message that tells you that the page does not exist…try this: https://storage.googleapis.com/cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/android/whatever . You will be getting the message “The specified key does not exist.”

Now you know the difference of when something exists in a folder or not…let’s move on!!!

As you see the above example was done under the subfolder https://blablabla/android/pm001. Android indicates the storage for ..well Android, which we know Pokemon GO is already available.Now if you change the sub folder before to iOS…you will see that models do exist there for iOS too. No surpsrise here as well since the game is available for iOS this must be the folder iOS models are stored. Try the iOS Bulbasaur: https://storage.googleapis.com/cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/ios/pm0001 (exists)

You see where am i going with this?

Yes… we tried changing the subfolder to /windows/and here is the result:https://storage.googleapis.com/cloud_assets_pgorelease/bundles/windows/pm0001 (exists)

Since there is actually a folder named Windows and the models are already stored there it might mean that Niantic is testing,preparing or exploring the possibility of a Pokemon GO Windows Phone release.Windows Phone owners…this could be real and soon enough you will be able to play Pokemon GO on your mobile!!



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