Pokemon GO Updates

Here we keep track on all Pokemon GO Updates since the Big Release back in July of 2016.

7/6/20160.29.0 Release
7/31/2016 0.31.0 Removed Footprint Tracker
8/9/20160.33.0 Passengers Dialog/Team Leaders
8/23/20160.35.0Appraisal Feature
09/10/20160.37.0Buddy System/POGO+ Support
09/23/20160.39.0Catch Location Added
10/10/20160.41.2 Capture Bonus
10/23/20160.43.3Different Egg Colors/Icons for Pokemon Types
11/07/20160.45.0Daily Quests
11/18/20160.47.1 Bug Fixes
12/07/20160.49.1Multitranfer Pokemon/Pokemon Types in Battles
07/09/20160.51.1Day and Night Modes adjusted better
01/28/20170.55.0 Fixed Issues on Loading and PoGO+ Connectivity
02/16/20170.57.2 Gen II -Evolution Items - New Berries and more

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