Gen 2: Is it really coming tomorrow?

There has been a lot speculation (and facts) towards a generation 2 release this week. It all officially started after the 0.45.0/1.15.0 update on November 6th where all the names of the Second Generation Pokemon where (“secretly”) added. After that people expected a release soon, while us were waiting for more clues. Although there were no news on the Second Generation in the weeks that followed, neither in the 0.47.1/1.17.1 update, last week hold many revelations regarding the second generation.

The 0.49.1/1.19.1 update came to give us more clues on the release. All cries of Gen 2 Pokemon were added, as we recently revealed, and all Pokemon models can be loaded now server-side, which means they can basically add them at any time. And although these sound enough for a gen 2 release, there are still things that without them, a release might seem incomplete.

Let’s analyze them:

  • New Moves
    No new moves were added to the code of Pokemon GO and although a Gen 2 Release could be done with the already set of movesets some moves from Generation 2 Pokemon are too important to ignore.  For example Wobbuffet’s Signature move “Counter” is not available in the game and to go even further NONE of of the Moves a Wobbuffet can have is available at the moment in-game (Counter,Density Bond,Mirror Coat, Safeguard). Sure they can choose not to release it and wait for a “Ditto-thing” again to happen.
    As it concerns  dark type and steel type they sure already have their share of moves already in-game although offensive moves are still a thing consider missing from the game for these two types.
  • Dark and Steel Type
    All i have to say here is that while we were looking inside the new update we were able to find ALL Backgrounds that are used for displaying a Pokemon. All except two. The Dark and Steel Type. It’s weird that Niantic has not added the background for the Dark and Steel Types since both types are first introduced in Gen 2. Could they release it without the backgrounds?…Well, they could if they wanted, they could use another background at the moment (e.g the default one). Another solution would be to choose not to release the dark or steel type Pokemon (Tyranitar and Umbreon being among them).  Are we moving forward a limited release? Could the only introduce let’s say…the baby Pokemon?
  • Testing Period
    In an interview given by the the chief marketing officer of Niantic, Mike Quigley a while ago he explained that from time to time we might see things inside the updates we recieve but as he quotes “We have a high quality bar, as do fans, as do The Pokémon Company. We’re not going to ship features until they hit that. And it’s software development – things slip, things happen sooner or later, whenever they’re ready. That may be a reason why you hear us say ‘yep, that got discovered but we’re not ready to talk about it until its ready for primetime’.”
    Were the new pokemon brought inside the app in order for niantic to just test them? Yes, it seems possible although we are talking about a feature that has already been tested. Bringing more Pokemon seems like it needs less testing than…e.g trading which has not been released to the public.

In conclusion, yes, a Gen 2 release feels closer than ever, after all it will give Niantic enough time to prepare for more game mechanics. It will keep us busy for a good period of time especially since spawns will possibly be mixed with Gen 1 Pokemon. The game will get a little harder which seems to make hardcore fans enjoy it more. However, do not be surprised if that release is not tomorrow, there seem to be things missing yet.

Could they only Release the baby Pokemon? Seems Possible… Sure there will be “More Pokemon” this week but does “more” mean all? Waiting for the announcement…we’ll update live…stay tuned!!

While you wait you can check our extended GEN 2 Post on how to prepare here



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