Shiny Pokemon are Here. What we’ve learned so far.

Like we already predicted yesterday after the announcement of Niantic’s Water Type Event Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados are here. The Water Type event that started yesterday and will continue through March, 29 has brought Shinies with it.


Let’s talk about 5 things we know about Red Gyarados and Yellow Magikarp in Pokemon GO

  1. They do not appear as Shiny on the Tracker:
    It is known already that Shiny Pokemon, as of now, do not distinguise from normal Pokemon on the Nearby Tracker. In other words, you have to go find it!!
  2. They do not Spawn as shiny!
    I can’t understand why Niantic did not implement this, but as with no 1, when you play and a shiny Magikarp appears it will have its standard coloring. So you have to actually click every Magikarp you encounter to check if they are Shiny. Their real color appears ONLY in the capturing screen
  3. Shiny Magikarp evolves to Shiny Gyarados.
    Honestly i don’t know who took this risk to test it but it made only good to the PoGO Community by confirming that a Shiny Pokemon will evolve to its Shiny evolution. So, a yellow Magikarp will evolve into a Red Gyarados.Check a video found on youtube:


  4. They are Rare.
    While there seem to be numerous report they don’t seem to be that many. Remember how many people do actually play Pokemon GO and then remember that we have an event with many wild Magikarps in every city of the world.
  5. Besides Magikarp and Gyarados there doesn’t seem to be any more Shiny Pokemon available out there
    As of now, it does not seem that more shiny pokemon are available. Of course the percentage of other Pokemon is lower during the event.

That’s the most basic information you’ll need for Shimny Pokemon. A brand new Qust has just started and it might be the hardest yet. Good luck Everyone…


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  • Daniël de Kruijf

    Can you guys plz find out what the odds are of finding a shiny? I’m sure it is implemented in the coding, so it must be able to be found with a data mine, right? as it is a client side thing, bc they are induvidual?

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