Smeargle and Delibird: What do we know and how could they be introduced?

They might not be legendary. They might not be important about the progress of the game or the battles, but they’re still not here. We should expect them making an entry with an event,

Let’s see what do we know for these two Pokemon, and what Niantic might find so intresting to give them a special event.


Smeargle does not (until now at least) evolve. The most famous characteristic of this Pokemon is its love for painting and its most known move is Sketch, which permanently copies the last move used by the opponent.

Smeargle is considered the beagle-like Pokemon. It’s head resembles a berret at the top, while its tail looks like a paintbrush. The paintbrush carries paint which can be different depending on its mood. It is usually presented with green paint.

At the anime Smeargle is being introduced at the episode «The Art of Pokemon» in which three Smeargle appear:One with a Red Paint in its tail, one with Blue Paint and one with Yellow.  All three Smeargle belong to a famous artist.

Based on these facts we can understand why Niantic chose to keep this special Pokemon for a special Event. Since the color on its tail can represent each team there could be numerous thing to do. (Finding the Smeargle that represent your team or each team can only catch the smeargle in its color). There could be another way to introduce Smeargle. Shiny Pokemon!! Yes, we know for a while that Niantic is preparing the Shiny Pokemon feauture and what would be the best way to introduce it? Smeargle’s love for colour might be the answer here.

Either way we should expect it first since Delibird might take a while to make an appearence.



Jut like Smeargle, this Pokemon does not yet has an evolution. Delibird is a penguin-like Pokemon with a white tail that usually lives on mountains. It’s most known move is “Present”, which allows it to carry special items in its tail that may cause damage or heal its opponent.

In the anime it was introduced in the episode «Dues and Don’ts» as a member of Team Rocket, that hunts down Jessie, James and Meowth in order to gather the money they owe to the Team. This “routine” conitnues on the next episodes, until Jessie, James and Meowth move to the Hoenn region.
However, delibird has been characterized as the “Christmas Pokemon” since the time it appeared as Santa Claus assistant.

Since Delibird did not make it to the Christmas of 2016, rumors want it to make it for December of 2017. It could be introduce baring some kind of gift or just take the place of Santachu. If that is not the case, there are limited assumptions on how a Pokemon like this could be introduced, but we’re sure an exciting year is upon us.

Stay tuned….we’ll finally find out!!


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