Sun Stone: Why you should save some

One of the most intresting things that have been released in Pokemon GO were the evolution items. Even though it seemed impossible at first to get one, Niantic changed this recently with the “at least one every 7 day streak” . So, if you are a committed player that never forgets to spin one Pokestop each day, you will sure be able to find all of them at some point.

And then, what?

Your first answer here would be to “create” more Pokemon. That way, when trading finally arrives you will be able to trade them with those still missing one. A second answer here would be to keep them, in case Niantic will allow us to also trade items. That way you can trade an item you own, for an item you’re missing. The bottom line here is that if you do not need a Pokemon for yourself, wait until you see what kind of trade we’ll be having later in the game.

There is though a third answer, that you might haven’t though or you might not know at all. We are here to remind you that some evolution items can be used in future generations. One of these items is Sun Stone.

While  Metal Coat,King’s Rock,Dragon Scale and Up-grade won’t be used on any other Pokemon in the future, Sun Stone will be useful again for Pokemon in Gen 5 and Gen 6. Too Soon? Well, by the time Gen 5 and 6 arrive there will be more than 20 evolution items in the game, so finding a Sun Stone then will be really hard. The odds now are one out of five items (at least) once every seven days. Now think the same with an odd of one out of twenty items. Not so easy, right?

Sun Stone is now used on Gloom and Sunkern to evolve into Bellosom and Sunflora respectively. For the future you will need at least three more. Pokemon that will need Sun Stone to evolve:

Pokemon Evolving Using Sun StoneGen 5
Cottonee —> Whimsicott
Petilil —> Lilligant

Gen 6
Helioptile —> Heliolisk


You’ve been warned…


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