Thanksgiving: The Next Pokemon GO Event (?)


One of the greatest American holidays is Thanksgiving and while there were not many things showing a possible event people have started speculating. Actually SlashGear has dropped a inside information(based on an anonymoys source) that a Thanksiging event is on their way.

People also noticed also that the Lapras Event that is taking place in Japan right now is due to end at 23rd of November, on Thanksgiving’s Eve that is. The fact that Niantic chose to end the event at a Wednesday seemed suspicious since (like halloween) a Sunday closure would fit more. In addition to that, Lapras Event was the first region one and could be a test event to release the true region ones.

Let us just add that it seems appropriate (if an event occurs) to start next week and not this one because on friday(11/18/16) the Pokemon Sun and Moon game is being released and Pokemon Go would not want to take any attention away from it. This is actually why Niantic seems so quite lately,taking the time to make a great comeback on Monday…Why Monday? Last update occured on 11/07/16 and with the confirmation that Niantic releases something every two weeks, the new update is being expected this Monday…with an announcement in some hours/days prior to it.

Stay Tuned…



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