Lapras Event brought 10000+ visitors on Tohoku Perfecture

Lapras Event might have been one of a kind in talks of Pokemon GO as Lapras is one of the most favourite and rare Pokemon. As something that was very unique , it had to be limited. The Event is taking place currently at the regions of Japan that got hit by the deadly earthquake and tsunami back in 2011.

More than 10000 people visited the Miyagi Perfecture this Saturday. Among other things trainers were welcomed by the governor himself:

“More than five years have passed since the earthquake disaster, and the weathering of affected areas is continuing little by little. A difficult situation continues, but I would like people to visit the affected areas starting with Ishinomaki two or three times for this opportunity.”


There were booths were people were able to vote for the next Pokestops of the city while they were chasing down Lapras. TAlthough the event itself was a success in a tourism aspect it did cause some problems mainly to traffic as trainers were uncareful of their surroundings, while those driving made sudden and constant stops possibly in the sighting of their favourite Pokemon.



Event is still on and will be finished on 23rd of November…where people speculate that a Thanksgiving event will be starting for American Trainers…

Stay tuned..



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