How the new ‘Nearby’ Feature will look like

There has been a new udate of the app which you can find here for Android and here for iOS devices. One of the things that might have noticed is that the Nearby Feature has been changed to Sightings.
This is actually a small change compared to what is actually coming on Pokemon GO. Niantic has been testing a new nearby feature with selected players. According to leaks the new Nearby Tracker will look like this:

Pokemons near you will be seperated into Nearby and Sightings. As you can actually see on the picture above in the Nearby list Pokemons will be assigned to the closest Pokestop, although Pokemon appearing in Sightings will still, according to leaked info, be close to you but not close to any Pokestops. Pokemons appearing in the Nearby willhave even more information available. When you will click on them you will be able to see with a closer view at which Pokestop you have too look for the Pokemon you seek.
If you click View…the app will give you even more info. The map will open and you will see which Pokestop is the one you see and at which direction from the Pokestop you will have to move in order to find the Pokemon.
Check a video presentation here:
Jackson Palmer 


It is unknown when exactly this update will come for all of us…

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