User Tasks are coming (+ 0.59.2 Data Mine)

Hello again, this is one of these posts we use to share with you some new inside info. By now you know that, we always post only when there are things of great importance. So…Exciting things are on the way, so mark our words cause you might not hear it anywhere else. Niantic is working on bringing better user experience to the game and we found some info.

Niantic is working on stuff using these terms:

Pokemon(too obvious?)
User Tasks 

Let me just explain what we mean by “working on stuff” before you jump to fast conclusions. The findings we have on our hands seem to be from a new(?) system Niantic is/will using/use to translate content of the game between languages.
So…”General,Pokemon and Moves” doesn’t seem to be of great importance here. However, implementing translations for …. “User Tasks” and something called “Conversations” can’t go unnoticed.

There are also two new Sponsor titles in 0.59.2 Called SALAMANDER and PLANCHA. Still we do not get where this is going…nothing else here.





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