What is Pokémon Go?

Nintendo has made its announcement on releasing Pokemon Go possibly during the first quarter of 2016.
But what exactly is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go will be the app every Pokémon fan out there should have. The Pokemon Go App, as far as we know, will use your location and provide you with information about Pokémons nearby. Through this app you will be able to catch pokemons and start your own journey. The setting will be the whole world.
The Pokemon Go will motivate you to explore your neighborhood, your country, the world in search of a precious Pokemon. You will also have the chance to train your Pokémons, to battle with friends (or enemies) .

Check the Trailer:

About The  Pokémon GO Plus

Pokémon GO Plus is an (optional) device that notifies the player when a pokemon is nearby through LED and/or vibration as well as events and notifications that might happen. Pokémon GO Plus is being developed and manufactured by Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Soon more exclusive news…. 

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